Thulir English

Thulir English

English language is what the majority of the developed and developing nations understand. A vast body of knowledge across multiple disciplines, the world over, is in English. Proficiency in English could be one’s passport to success. To gain mastery over any subject, mastery of English becomes essential as it is the medium of communication. Comprehension and communicative excellence are amongst the prime skill sets of the 21st century. It is here we at Thulir, chip in with Thulir English.

THULIR ENGLISH is the culmination of years of research and development in designing a course for a non-native of English language to comprehend English in its basic elements and imbibe it with all its subtle hues and variations. It has the potential of making a non-native child of English an ace English communicator.

Thulir English is a structured personalized online English learning course for students in the age group 4 to 12, which aims to expand the language proficiency of learners, as a whole; in all the four skills, which is reading, writing, listening & speaking, by using a combination of pedagogies created by a team of subject matter experts. The above four skills are not just shallow pillars but ones with great depth since it is upon these four pillars the edifice of English of the aspirant is going to stand.

A peek into the pillars


In reading, there are series of activities, assignments and games developed to help children progress in their reading abilities ranging from decoding words to comprehending complex literature at different depths.


Listening is an active process that involves understanding; concentration and memory, and thulir aims to train children listen actively, thereby helping them have a better grasp on academic content.


Writing equips children to express their thoughts in the best way. Starting from simple lessons to help them think and write simple words, we move on to training them on making independent sentences, paragraphs, complex writing etc.


Speaking activities have various drills to enhance oral competency of every child. From pronunciation to body language, every aspect that adds to better presentation of an individual is addressed.

All the above aspects are through tailored lessons, feedback, guidance and direction. They are so structured that teaching and evaluation happen simultaneously.

Human Intervention

Thulir believes in mentoring than plain teaching. Plain teaching is pure instruction while mentoring is instructing plus more profound by personally helping a person to realize their potential taking on a flavor of Gurukul of ancient India. Our trained, qualified and committed mentors work online with students to nurture, motivate and inspire creative thinking and the creative content outcomes of students would be evaluated by the same class of mentors providing guidance all through.


Thulir’s process runs on a robust engine with strong analytics which has the intelligence built to understand every learner’s requirements and abilities and cater courses accordingly.

A detailed report on the student’s standing, progress, completion status, time taken, struggle pattern, goal etc. is available, any time, for the teacher, school management and the parent. These comprehensive reports throw light on the student’s learning profile and archives makes is easier for back tracking and intervention

Every action of the student is monitored and motivated. Reward Points encourage students to work independently to achieve their milestones.

Child friendly characters connect with the child and provide immediate feedback and motivation thereby making learning more engaging and exciting.

The courses are less dependent on the teacher and hence the proficiency of a teacher does not determine the learning outcome of the student.

There are many interesting features to engage children, like the Read along to increase reading speed, dictionary, pronunciation checker, Practice space, where the child can speak – record and listen, reading logs, etc.

Thulir English is equivalent of a proficient and patient English teacher handling one student at the time, at which that one student is able to bite, chew and digest.

Our finding, in our past few years says that children have a significant increase in their learning outcomes on taking thulir courses. There has been a 40% increase in the overall English Proficiency and 60% increase in the reading capabilities of the students.


‘thulir’ phonics is a child centric, technology supported, reading programme developed for children between the ages 4 and 6. It is a 5 level course, facilitated by a teacher in the classroom. With 72 hours of engaging and exciting lessons, this course stimulates the art of reading from within every child. It’s simple and effective methodology would train children from all abilities to read quickly and skillfully. It is packaged with a lot of support material to help the students, teachers and parents.


‘thulir’ phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and sounds, so they can decode or sound out words. Children are taught to recognize the sounds each individual letter make, identify the sounds that different combination of letters make and blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word. At the end of the course, children would be able to read most of the words they see. This course also provides secondary emphasis to vocabulary, spelling and creativity.

Levels Duration(months) Sample Words
1 3 to 5 cap, rug, men, sil, dot, luck, sick, peck, mock, rack, fill, dull, puff, moss
2 4 to 6 ship, wish, chop, rich, thin, that, both, slim, ring, fine, lame, meat, boat, spring, strong, prank
3 3.5 to 5 sky, car, misses, out, owl, boy, oink, new, sew, tall, walk, halt, hay, saw, cow, crow, hair, cupboard, rainbow
4 3.5 to 5 Talk, cold, bold, earth, wear, candle, mansion, martial, pompous, behind, saw, fair, wash, facial, call, portion, open, apple
5 3 to 4 thorough, dough, sour, sugar, shoe, caterpillar, rubber band, banana, butterfly, beautiful, sure, eight, knight, floor, flour, ocean, friend


  • Large Screen Display with internet connection
  • A minimum of 2 hours in a week
  • A teacher with 2 years’ experience in handling kindergarten.
  • Children should be able to identify alphabets.

Resource Material

Sound Card, Flash cards, Work sheets, Word Drill Book, Assessment sheets, Vocabulary charts, Milestones chart, Appreciation stickers, Weekly dictation list, Blending book, Classroom posters and games, Supporting activities and ideas, Lesson plans, A lot more…..