Our Testimonies

"I am someone who strongly believes that 'Action speaks louder than words'. When Thulir first approached me about implementing the Thulir programme, I was a optimistic about the outcome. I decided to personally conduct a performance test for my satisfaction. I visited a Premier School in Coimbatore and conducted a spelling and pronunciation test for the students of Std IV and V. Then, I conducted the same test at my school. I was astonished and elated at the fact that my U.K.G and Std I students were able to perform much better than the Std IV and V students of a Premier school. My students were able to blend and read words with the correct pronunciation. I was able to see the progress of my students first hand.
I can personally testify with proof that the Thulir Programme works effectively and I personally endorse it to be a successful programme."

Mr. Radha Krishnan
Correspondent, SRK Matric. Hr. Sec. School
"Today we live in a technological era but its influence on education is very negligable. Thulir has taken up the mantle to infuse technology into education and they have created a technology driven adaptable learning platform. The students get exposed to technology at a very early age and this gives them a niche among the rest. The programme also provides personalized curriculum for each and every student. The reports generated are very informative and help track the students performance.
I commend Thulir on their initiative and wish them all the best!"

Mr. Soundarapandian
Correspondent, SJV Karuppur
"We have had the Thulir Programme in our school for two years now. Since its implementation, I have seen my students grow confident in their reading and speaking skills. The students love the Phonics class as its very exciting for them. The concept of teaching phonics through sounds, actions, stories and games makes it very interesting and entertaining for the students. They are now able to blend and read complex words with ease. The workload of teachers has also been reduced as students easily and quickly grasp concepts taught during the Thulir Phonics class.
I would like to thank Thulir and wish them all the best for their future prospects."

Mrs. Grace
Correspondent, Sacred Hearts
"Thulir Phonics has really helped the students in their reading ability. They can now read a book without any assistance. I can now complete a syllabus meant for three terms in just one single term. This is possible as the students need no assistance in reading during class. They open the book and start reading the lessons by themselves. Thulir Phonics has decreased my work load and helps me give personal attention to the students."

Mrs. Krishnaveni
Phonics teacher, SRK Matric Hr. Sec. School
"Thulir Phonics has made the parents very happy as their kids are now able to blend and read words effortlessly. In fact, the kids end up correcting their parents in spelling and proper pronunciation of words. Parents state that the kids are reading hoardings and names of establishments. This is proof in itself that the Phonics programme is highly effective."
"Thulir Foundation Courses help students in framing grammatically correct sentences. After playing listening games, the students try to pronounce the words they hear. This helps them in correct pronunciation of words. The Passive Reading games are also very effective. It has cultivated the reading habit in them. The school library is abuzz with students visiting the library quite often and taking books home to read."
"I'd like to congratulate Thulir on their efforts and hope that many more students are benefitted from this programme."

Mrs. N. Jayanthi
SJV, Karappur
"The Thulir Programme is a brilliant and innovative concept. A lot of thought and planning has been put into the structuring and planning of the course. The adaptability of the course to cater to personalized learning for students is a big boon. The students also get exposed to technology through the one-to-one teaching approach. The periodic reports provided by Thulir help us to keep a track on the students progress. Thulir backs up the programme with prompt and adequate service and addresses our needs immediately and efficiently. We are glad to be associated with Thulir and we wish them all the success in their endeavour."

Mrs. Lazarus
Vice Principal, C.S.I Ewart
"After taking up the thulir Foundation course, the Std I students have improved their reading skills drastically. The Fluency games have made the students much more fluent in their reading. The concept of teaching by playing games is a big hit smong the students. They are very eager and more than willing to sit in the lab."
"The Regular Course has also been very helpful to the students. It has helped to increase the overall skills of the students. The Writing Courses in particular have helped improve the writing capabilities of the students"
"An important reason for the students keen interest is the user friendliness of the course. The course is very simple and easy to navigate. The students log-in, take up the course and log-out by themselves. This exposure to technology will surely help them in the future."

Mrs. Grace
Lab Co-ordinator, Alpha Matric Hr. Sec. School