TALE - Thulir’s Adaptive Learning Environment

Every individual is unique. Each one has their own unique interests, needs, requirements, abilities, intelligence, strengths, weakness, taste, and so on. Like the thumb print, the brain map is so unique for every individual. We believe learning is a personal experience. An experience that could bring enormous joy if given adequately to suit the unique brain map of the learner. While everyone is advocating for standardizing education, we at thulir, work on personalizing education. Making education, more meaningful and more relevant to every individual's dream, desire and destiny.

Unlike the manufacturing model of education, where learners are grouped based on age and taken through the process of production, we at thulir work on the farming model, where we look at every student as a seed, a life with huge hidden potential, and create an environment for them to grow at their own pace and comfort, to reach their maximum potential, without the element of stress and compulsion. TALE is the farming environment created for thulir learners.

TALE – Thulir's Adaptive Learning Environment is the platform that provides learners the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill, exposure, mentoring, practice, assessments, and feedback, through its intelligent and robust engine that automatically adjusts its delivery speed and level to the learning ability and pattern of the student according to the profile of the student as mapped by Thulir’s diagnostics. TALE uses many theories like the multiple intelligence, bloom’s taxonomy, behavioral science, 21st century skills etc. to differentiate learners and create a unique mind map for every learner.

TALE has a scientific diagnostic system and an adaptive engine that understands the learners ability, interests, pace, strengths, weaknesses, prior knowledge, learning pattern, requirements, etc. with data and statistics and delivers courses fittingly at a fraction of the cost compared to the cost if the same were to be delivered manually by a proficient, dedicated and patient teacher on a one to one basis.