Company Overview

Thulir Overview

Every child... every parent... every learner... every nation - has a dream to better and excel.

A vast majority of our society irrespective of their wealth, religion, personality & place, have pinned their hopes on education. It's just not the graduation certificate they look for, but they honestly believe education would give them a better future.

With many eminent personalities commenting on the educational standards in the country, and with many educational reports reporting the low learning outcomes of students, we at Thulir have taken it upon ourselves to strive for improving the fortunes of young children, and every learner by making education accessible, affordable and assimilable to them, through an Adaptive Learning Environment wherein every learner learns at his own pace, understanding and absorption. In simple words the apparel of education is tailored to the ability and the learning patterns of the learner, the measurements of which are taken in a scientific way.


Based on global understanding pursuant to research findings and also our empirical observations during our own research and pilot studies we at Thulir understand that the learning curve of every individual is discrete and hence any approach or environment that is modeled on the oneā€“size-fits-all paradigm is fundamentally flawed and therefore ineffective in imparting effective education to every member of the learning community at large, irrespective of nationality, race, culture or gender.

Prompted thus to explore the possibility of personalized education without the bane of high costs, Thulir got down to the task of exploring the way to actualize this goal and zeroed in on a Thulir's adaptive learning environment (TALE), technology platform which combines customization, competency and cost effectiveness in a way that is truly amazing.

Vision & Mission


Provide personalized learning solutions,
leveraged by technology that focus on addressing
the understanding and assimilation of every learner,
thereby helping them reach their maximum potential.


  • To attain and retain a significant position in the learning services domain
  • To artistically conceive and gracefully deliver content in the interest of the learners.
  • Evolve new technology assisted learning practices that bestrides educational trends.
  • Make quality education affordable, accessible and purposeful for all.