Children’s learning ways and mental associations connected with learning are very different from those of an adult. It is like pediatric care, which is not just a replication and multiplication of adult dosage but entirely on a different footing. In many aspects they are diametrically opposite. Children aren’t just miniature versions of an adult but totally different entities and hence the difficulty in understanding them. From a mental standpoint their growing into adults can be more likened to metamorphosis than gradual linear elevation. We at Thulir understand that the learning capacity of humans is an innate evolutionary presence. We further understand that the brain is plastic – the ability to learn to adapt to survival pressures. We are enlightened with the latest brain research findings which reveal that with continuous and consistent practice new neural pathways (information highways) are being created in the brain which means that the human brain can learn anything new at any age especially if it happens in a scientific way that creates new neural pathways. The amazing drawings done with holding a pencil in the foot by people who had lost both their hands is a classic case in point. Thulir has worked with specialists in the field in the crafting and development of our products which takes into account all this and other child-centric factors that aid scientific learning.